The Prom

I'm still recovering from last weekend. It was filled with fun gatherings, friends, running, horse clinics, Mother's Day celebrations, capped by the most perfect Spring weather.

And my daughter's first Prom.

Two weeks ago, she was asked by a friend of a friend - a senior boy (gasp!), who I didn't know (double gasp!). The process of asking someone to prom is quite the production nowadays - in her case, a large poster board with a little poem asking if she would go to prom with him. And a bouquet of flowers. When I was in high school things were quite different - no flowers, no public declarations, no neon lights spelling out the words "PROM-WITH ME?" emblazoned from a car - you were simply asked (in my case, I asked a boy from another school, so I called him up on the phone to ask - thank goodness he agreed to it all!).

Let me tell you - two weeks is not a very long time to get ready for Prom. She ordered a dress on-line and probably had it express shipped to the house, as it arrived a week before the date. It needed to be hemmed, so we got it to a tailor "just in time". Shoes - she ordered three pairs on-line, didn't like the first pair, and we determined too late that the other two pairs wouldn't arrive until Monday - oops. So I was sent to the shoe store 4 hours before Prom Date Pick Up Time to buy a pair of 3.5" heeled nude pumps.

I brought home 4 pairs of shoes (disclosure - two pairs were for me - that's my commission), as my cell phone died while I was trying on shoes, taking photos and texting them to my daughter who was busy getting back from a horse riding clinic. I was then sent to pick up the boutonniere and observed how busy the floral departments are the afternoon of Prom and the day before Mother's Day.

My last big task in helping my darling daughter get ready for prom - braiding her hair into a "Dutch Crown Braid" - something I had learned how to execute less than 24 hours prior, thanks to the infinite resources of the Internet and YouTube. Here was the end result:
Prom Crown Braid #braidedbyme #hair #braid
Yes, my daughter was pleased how it turned out. I felt good because it was such a mother - daughter bonding afternoon.

The seniors gather with their prom dates at the local country club for pre-prom photos:

Unfortunately, the juniors gather at a different place, so I didn't get to take photos of her friends, except for Erin here, who is also a junior attending with a senior:
Long Time Friends

The light was perfect at the golf course - it was the nicest day of the year so far. All the young women were beautiful in their gowns (I wish I would have worn something so elegant to my prom).

The young men were so dashing and handsome.
The Group

My daughter has gone and grown up on me (*sniff*)

My favorite capture for the evening:
Sun Shines Down Upon You

They had the most wonderful time - a teen age rite of passage that won't be forgotten....

Amy at love made my home  – (May 13, 2014 at 4:10 PM)  

They all look great and your daughter especially, her dress is beautiful. Glad that they all had such a good time. xx

Anonymous –   – (May 13, 2014 at 5:33 PM)  

So beautiful she is! Oh, and kudos to Mom for learning the braid... can't believe you just watched a video to learn it. You are da bomb!

Unknown  – (May 14, 2014 at 11:48 AM)  

Beautiful!! I've also done the sopping/sending text pics for approval thing. We have a few years before prom - and I'm okay with that.

Nicki  – (May 14, 2014 at 3:13 PM)  

Shut-Up! you (and she) pulled this together in less than 2 weeks before Prom - 'get outta here!'. :)

She looks absolutely beautiful and her hair is simply perfect. Oddly enough, as full extreme as kids go on dances locally - it is still a simple 'ask and answer' invitation to the Prom and everyone congregates on the village park hill for group pictures before heading out to dinner and then the dance. I am going to miss this. Enjoy every minute because next year!

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