Welcome 2006

It's just a little after 11 pm and lo and behold - we are still up - miracles do happen.
We just finished a night with our Chinese visitors from our JiangXi facility. We had dumplings, shrimp, tofu and chicken and steamed pork buns. I have been cooking since yesterday!
I think they had a good time, but we do have tons of leftovers! I took some pictures and will post when I get them into the computer.
Happy 2006!!


Using the email function

I am checking out the email function to see how it works. How geeky is that!

It seems OK, other than the dorky ad at the bottom......


A Toast to Barney

Today I learned that my good friend and mentor, Barney, passed away on December 24 from complications stemming from liver cancer. He had only been diagnosed in September.

I still remember the last words he said to me in person - it was the Friday before we were leaving Evansville to move to Illinois and he was dropping me off from a good-bye function. He said "Don't worry, Shirley, we will see each other again".

Here's to you, Barney - I WILL see you again, in Heaven.


What City do you belong in?

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

What City Do You Belong In?

Kind of funny because that is where Michele is right now...... If I think about the cities I have liked, London is a pretty good outcome.


Merry Christmas!

The kids opened ALL of their gifts in record time - 19 minutes this morning - so fast that I didn't have any time to take any pictures - ugh!! Oh well, there will be plenty of opportunity for pictures of the kids playing with their toys.

It is a grey day, but we are so very thankful to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.



Ok... a bunch of others I know that blog have been doing this list.. so I thought I would do my own. And if you come upon this TAG.. go and add yours to your blog!

1 MINUTE AGO: Cleaning up the kitchen from Christmas dinner
1 HOUR AGO: Preparing Christmas dinner
1 DAY AGO: Making a sandwich for lunch
1 WEEK AGO: Just getting back from Church, getting ready to go grocery shopping
1 MONTH AGO: Heading out to the Mall to window shop
1 YEAR AGO: Probably cleaning the kitchen after Christmas dinner
1 DECADE AGO: Enjoying our first Christmas in our new house in Indiana. No kids, just me, Scott and Rascal.
1 SCORE AGO: Ughhh! I was a senior in HS and obsessing over the deadlines for college applications.
1 QUARTER CENTURY AGO: Probably enjoying winter break, but probably not, since I was in 8th grade......


Getting the Hang of this

OK, I think I have some of this set up stuff under control, so I will attempt some sort of a "real entry".

Here is the family picture we used for our Christmas / Holiday cards this year:

OK, it is crooked - I did straighten the image out, but I can't find that one at this time being, so I just loaded this one in.

The picture was taken along the pier in Plymouth, MA in July. I thought the lighting was magical, with the sun setting.



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