Freezing Bubbles in Cold Weather

I'm embracing the cold this winter with some photo inspired projects. My Instagram feed occasionally features videos of bubbles crystallizing, exuding a sense of wonderment and magic. This became my first photography project for 2022.


When the mercury dips low in winter, people tend to retreat to the comfort and coziness of the indoors. But unique and fun activities can be experienced in the coldest of conditions. One such activity is creating frozen bubbles and watching the phenomenon of ice crystallizing in less mere seconds.


With temperatures expected to dip into single digits, I found tips and tricks to blowing bubbles in the cold. Since I know how much co-worker Tammy relishes any science-oriented activity, I brought my homemade bubble juice and bubble blower into work one Friday morning when the outside temperature registered 4 degF. We formed spheres in the Plant office breezeway and watched the ice crystals form on the skin of the bubble. Once formed, the bubble crystallizes in 10-20 seconds.

Freezing Bubbles at 9 degF

The crystals above grew from the base of the bubble.


A few mornings later, I tried again, this time outside my house on a glass table, and the crystals formed throughout the bubble sphere.

Embrace the Cold #crystallization #freezingbubbles #singledigitweather

I even managed to take a short video:


And another one yesterday, at Minus 1 (-1) degreesF.

Another Chilly Morning, Another Opportunity for Freezing Bubbles

I used this website's resources to make my frozen bubble project a success: Create the Perfect Frozen Bubble




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