Horse Show - Jump for Joy

I spent all Sunday at the daughter's second horse show. I was well prepared to wait, and the weather was nice, the grounds were beautiful and there were so many pretty horses to watch.

But I only took photos of my girl and her horse.

Warming Up

Number 374


My absolute favorite shot of the day - they look like they are riding on some expansive horse farm in Kentucky - every equestrian's dream, right?
The Equestrian

And my least favorite - she's holding on for dear life. As I was capturing this, I was thinking "holy crap, she's about to fall off". Afterwards, I said a silent prayer that there wouldn't be any more close calls.
Mother's Nightmare

This jump, during the competition was better:
Takes Off

She competed in two jumping events. The first one was rough - you know those flower boxes in front of the jumps? I learned they are not there just to make things pretty - they are there to psych out the horses. And Caesar did not like them at all. During his first run, she had to hit him with the crop and yell to get him to go over. That's all it took - after Caesar realized it was all in his head, the subsequent jumps went just fine.


She took home a few ribbons - another great but tiring day. More to come in a few weeks!

Amy at love made my home  – (May 6, 2014 at 1:31 PM)  

I can see why you were scared for her! Your pictures look really great and have definitely captured the action. I hope that the next competition goes really well and that you don't get so nervous next time! xx

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