Lame Excuses

OK - I know I have been completely lame about keeping up with this Blog. It's just that I would like to include some variety, which ususally means including some pictures or cool links. And therein lies the problem.

I have been completely lazy about dealing with my pictures. I have pictures in the camera from early May that I haven't even uploaded to the computer - I have lost all desire to deal with them....... I have a bunch from Spring break which still need to be "adjusted" (which entails the very complex task of clicking on the "Fast Fix" button in PSE) and uploaded (again, not a very hard task). I am just computer adverse right now.

I even have a ton of Scrapbook pages to photograph and upload. And these are my Wedding Layouts. I want to share them, but just lack motivation.

OK, enough excuses - I need to go do something (like take a nap!)


FINALLY -- Internet service restored!!!

Not sure how we survived the past 5 days without Internet Service, but it is FINALLY back - big sigh of relief. Actually, the only saving grace was the fact that I could access things from work, although things have been so crazy there, all I was able to do was check my email..... I am VERY glad that my main email is my Yahoo account - I have heard all sorts of horror stories about people not being able to receive emails through, emails bouncing, etc.

So, after this fiasco, we are considering switching to DSL. Really, $20 / month vs. $45 is very tempting. I need to call Insight and complain about the service disruption - maybe they will provide me with a discount (but not counting on it. LOL!).




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