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"Chemical Engineer working in IT in the cornfields of Illinois"
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I grew up in the Northeast, the first born of Chinese immigrants. I had a stereotypical Asian upbringing - played violin and piano, went to Chinese school on Saturdays, was a (mostly) straight A student, went to MIT and received a degree in Chemical Engineering. I guess I would be more stereotypical if I had become a Doctor, PhD or lawyer, but after four years at MIT, I was done with school.

Being a Chemical engineer and actually working in the Chemical Industry means you either end up in a big refinery in Texas or some chemical plant in West Virginia / Ohio / Indiana / Missouri along the Ohio River. I never made it to Texas (a conscious decision), but ended up following the Ohio River from West Virginia to Indiana before getting diverted to the cornfields and flat prairie of Illinois.

After leaving the Boston area for my first job in Cleveland, I swore one day I would go back to live in Massachusetts (at the time, I wanted to live in Wellesley). Something changed in me along the way, because I like the Midwest with its friendly people and the flat prairie where you can watch the sun rise and set in a ball of fire.

Start of the Weekend
Winter Sunset, January 2013

I am married to hubby, Scott, who also happens to be a Chemical Engineer. In fact, we met while working for General Electric (before they sold off their plastics division), and have survived working for the same company over these 23 years. We have two children, two cats and a horse. Oh wait, the horse belongs to our daughter, but we pay the bills... .

I love music, still actively play the violin and sing. I sang in an a cappella singing group in college and love that genre. Right now, my singing is limited to the car and church, but somehow that's enough and is what fits in my present life. Maybe someday in the future, I'll have the opportunity to sing in a group again.

I am also a runner, having started up the activity in 1992. I took several years off after having the kids, and while I no longer can run sub eight minute miles, I enjoy the ability to lace up my sneakers and head out for some endorphin producing pavement pounding. I truly love the escape. I tore the ACL in my left knee in January 2012 and had reconstructive surgery a month later. At the time, I was training for my first full marathon race, but two years later, in April 2014, I finally completed my first full marathon.

Lastly, I love photography and blogging about my photography. I bought my first DSLR in 2004 - a Nikon D70 and started blogging in 2006. I literally carry my camera with me at all times and take photos of whatever catches my eye. I consider myself lucky to have great camera gear - I presently use a Nikon D600, an Olympus OM-D E-M5 (a micro four-thirds camera) and my trusty iPhone 4s.



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