Day 277 - Fire Extinguisher Training

Scott decided that we should buy new fire extinguishers for the house since they were 10 years old (at least). And allow the kids to use the 10 year old extinguishers as a hands on training exercise.

We do this at work every year, and I have to say, it is a useful exercise. At work, we actually discharge the fire extinguisher at a real fire.
Fire Extinguisher Training
Taken last year - we are trained never to fight a fire past the "incipient" or small stage. This fire is past the incipient stage, in my opinion!

We won't go this far at home, but the training was enlightening to the kids.
Let's See How we Operate This
First, we check the pressure gauge on the extinguisher. It needs to be in the green area.

Then you pull the pin. And squeeze the trigger.
Pull the Pin Out
[I just noticed that Erica is wearing my scarf! That girl!]

Aim at the base of the fire and sweep side to side.

If you've never operated a fire extinguisher, the first time is always a surprise - the pressure causes the cylinder to "kick back" a bit.
What Happens When I Push The Trigger?

But when you get used to it, it can be fun.
Getting the Hang of It

And if you are Brian, you really get into it:
Take That!
Take That Some More!

I hope they never have to use those things for real.

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