225/365 - Lost Lake Remains Lost

Note - tonight's post will be "backwards", with events of today recounted in reverse order. Why? Just because I feel like it. So there. [Really, it's a technique used in TV, so why not in blog media?]

What a nice treat after our full day - deer hanging out at dusk, right by the Lodge:

So we failed at finding Lost Lake. We know where we took a wrong turn on the hiking trail as we retreated back to the Jeep. The kids decided to call it "Loser Lake".

[But we passed on the information about the hiking trail to the other families visiting the ranch. They turned our failure into success by finding the elusive Lost Lake.]

At the beginning of our hike -

Before the hike, we drove the Jeep for about an hour through winding and treacherous trails. We almost got stuck at one steep pass, but Scott gunned through the rocks. Those Jeeps are amazing 4 wheelers. En route, we passed through The Meadow, where we stopped for a short rest:

When we started out on this afternoon's adventure, the kids were enjoying the Jeep ride (not so much at the end of the day - 3 hours of 4 wheeling through rough terrain gets hard on the body)

We spent the morning getting oriented on the horses (sorry, no pictures). Then Erica and I played various card games while Scott drove to the Picket Wire Store where he picked up some lures. He hoped these guys would be effective with the fish in the pond.

I woke early and attempted to run out to Rt 12 and back. I made it about a half mile before I almost passed out from lack of air. The lungs are not used to the altitude. But it was a glorious morning, nice and crisp at 40degF.

Marcie  – (December 5, 2009 at 6:49 AM)  

What a wonderful series of vacation images. Looks like you had a great time!! And - thanks for your sweet comment on my post over at Shutter Sisters!

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