219/365 - Sour Patch Kids and Statute of Limitations

A bit of the back story (cause this post won't make any sense without it).

Back in June, I bought an assortment of yummy cheesecakes from Sam's Club (click here for the blog post with picture). We divided the goodies up evenly - because isn't that the fair thing to do? The kids and Scott devour their portions quickly, but I tend to savor my desserts over a couple days. Fast forward from Sunday to Thursday. I still have a bit of chocolate cheesecake waiting for me. I go looking for it and I cannot find it in the fridge. I then learn that Scott gave Erica the OK to eat the rest of my chocolate cheesecake! What blasphemy! I was then informed that I "didn't consume the cheesecake within the allotted time", hence it was past the "Statute of Limitations" and open season ensued on my morsel of cheesecake.


Fast forward to our trip to Massachusetts. During one of our (many) shopping excursions, Scott sees a package of Sour Patch Kids Candies while we are checking out at the Dick's Sporting Goods store. There is one thing Scott cannot resist and that is the Sour Patch Kid. I don't claim to understand this, but it is what it is. And so the bag of SPKs went into our shopping bag, and then it remained there all week long, forgotten by the man who so needed some SPKs. I brought the bag of SPKs back to Illinois, toting it in my carry on bag. Still forgotten by Scott.

So yesterday, I decide it's time to open up the bag of candies. The kids were surprised that I possessed the bag of candies (I'm not a big fan of candy in general). They asked "Hey, when did you get those?". I then explained how the bag was their Dad's, that he forgot about them and it was "well past the Statute of Limitations" on their consumption, and that we could eat them. I brought up the incident with the cheesecakes to illustrate my point (can you tell I'm still perturbed about this?).

And when Scott gets home, he sees the bag and asks "Hey - who bought the Sour Patch Kids?". Erica tries to explain the "Statute of Limitations" and the cheesecake incident, which gets translated as "Mom is eating your SPKs because you ate her cheesecake". Scott has no clue that the SPKs are even his and he thinks I bought some SPKs just to get back at him for the cheesecake incident. That's way too convoluted for me (I'm more direct - I just continuously remind him about the cheesecake, and then he reminds me about the "Statute of Limitations"). When Scott finally remembers picking out the package of SPKs, he promptly eats the remaining candies in the bag and leaves this on the table:


So now, Sour Patch Kids candy will be forever linked together with cheesecake. Very random, but just one example of silly things that go on in our family.

Terri G.  – (August 8, 2009 at 8:10 AM)  

We have a lot of stories like this in our family too. I don't blame you for being mad that he let your daughter eat your cheesecake! My sister used to help herself to my candy when we were kids. Grrrr!

Robin  – (August 8, 2009 at 12:25 PM)  

I laughed and laughed through this...it's very similar to what happens between Judy and me. She eats my stuff, I complain, she says I waited too long. The statute of limitations is a good way to put that, really, but I'm on your side Shirley. It's yours whether you eat it in a specific timeline or not. Great post.

Jayne  – (August 9, 2009 at 8:25 PM)  

So funny! Thanks for sharing :)

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