Elegant Dining [travel flashback]

Note - I originally wrote this as part of my January 2008 trip to the UK, but after I finished it, I thought it sounded pretentious, and I never published it.

Now, 18 months later, I went back into my MSWord Blog archives in search of the restaurant's name, as one of our neighbors will be in London next week and asked for suggestions on where to eat.

After re-reading it, I decided that recounting my experience of enjoying an expensive meal does not make me pretentious. So I am publishing it today, along with a picture of the elegant dining room I found online. And if you are ever in London and want to spend a good 3 hours at a fabulous meal, be sure to check out Rhodes W1 - The Restaurant

Friday, January 28, 2008 - London, UK

Let’s face it – one of the perks of traveling on business trips is the opportunity to experience dining without the normal constraints of everyday life - ie, eating well on someone else’s dime. My general philosophy – NEVER eat dinner at a restaurant you can dine at while at home. And traveling to large, cosmopolitan destinations provides better access to fine (and pretentious) dining. Now, not everyone shares my love of being a food snob, but I am traveling with Anthony who definitely has that food snob tendencies.

For our last work related dinner on Thursday, Anthony picked out the restaurant, Rhodes W1. It was an excellent choice – I later on learned that the restaurant received a Michelin star Thursday afternoon. The only error made perhaps was the timing of our reservation – 7:30 was a wee bit early, and as we were brought into the elegant dining room, I felt somewhat under-dressed (the only other party was this very well dressed couple, obviously there for some romantic dinner) and conspicuous. Eventually, for me, that feeling evaporated as we were presented with the best fancy setting meal I have had in years. So, Rhodes W1 comes highly recommended – just bring your wallet!

It was a nice way to wrap up my travels and work with Anthony and Mark and really commenced Anthony’s role in the PCS program we have been involved with over the past five years.

In a week, I'll change the Post to date it properly. Yeah, I'm anal like that.

Jayne  – (June 16, 2009 at 3:47 PM)  

So glad you posted and I completely agree! Yum!

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