12 on June 12

TGIF! We had lots going on for today's edition of 12 on the 12th of June.

Morning stuff -
Hannah is no longer allowed to venture outside in the morning before we head to our activities - she longingly looks outside through the window.
What is she looking at? Probably this scene, across the street.
For some reason, our neighbor had his roof replaced today. We'll have to find out why, because all of the houses in our cul de sac were built 6-7 years ago. The crew started at 7am! We didn't care because we were already up, but my, that seems early. The crew worked until 8:30 pm and almost had the roof completed. That's fast.

Today's coffee - a seasonal blend from Starbucks. Totally yummy. But I can't drink my coffee just yet.....
And the newspaper - something new for us this month, as the publisher switched from an evening edition to a morning edition just a couple weeks ago.

So why wasn't I allowed to drink my coffee yet this morning? Two words - Doctor's Appointment, complete with fasting blood work. My appointment was first thing, 8:30, but for various reasons, I didn't get out of there until 10am! My coffee was waiting for me in my car, still hot in its vacuum travel mug, but I was STARVING, and I had to get some breakfast - from the Great Harvest Bakery. A yummy orange cranberry scone.
I also bought a loaf of pumpernickel and asiago cheese bread to enjoy this weekend.

En route to work - we had more rain this week and some of the fields are flooded. The corn is WAY behind.

I followed this guy for almost 15 miles down the road.

Fast forward to after work - I made some pizza for our on-the-go dinner, as Brian had a 5:30 baseball game (the last of the regular season).

At the ball field, Brian and one of his teammates (Tyler) goof off before the game.
The we get down to business - Brian playing 3rd base here.
Scott watching Brian at bat.
Well, they lost tonight's game, but made it interesting with a rally during the last inning that fell a little short. We finish baseball season up next week with a series of tournament games.

After the game, I shot this while stopped at a stoplight. I think it is lovely.

Scott always takes Brian home from the games, but tonight they took a detour to the Smoothie King. Smoothies for everyone (except me - too much sugar in them), which were enjoyed watching "The Pink Panther" remake (the one with Steve Martin). The kids and Scott are big fans.

Sherry  – (June 14, 2009 at 3:39 AM)  

Ah, nice. I always look forward to your 12. I didn't forget this time and will be posting mine soon. Summer is in full swing and my blog got a bit neglected...but I've been craving to get some posts in that I've written in my head. Is that weird? lol Anyway, loved the pics, especially the one at the traffic light. nice.

Jayne  – (June 15, 2009 at 10:55 PM)  

Totally love the 12 of 12 - I SO have to do it next year!!

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