11 Miles on 11.11.11

11.11.11 - a unique date that everyone wants to document. Last week I got the hair brained idea to run 11 miles on 11.11.11, and take a photo at each mile. If I had really been planning, I would have timed it so I finished up at 11:11 on 11.11.11, but I was just happy to make it through the 11 miles.

I used my Run Keeper iPhone app to notify me at each mile and it was my intent to stop, look around and take a picture at that moment. Sounded good on paper, but I'll admit that if I didn't like the current vista, I chose to continue running until I found something interesting to capture. I also mapped out a route I wasn't familiar with in order to "be surprised" by the scenery.

So come along with me for a virtual eleven miles on this 11.11.11:

Along the first mile:
Mile One #11/11/11 #11miles #running
I'll admit I stopped when I came upon this scene - it was too beautiful to pass up.

Around Mile 2.3:
Mile Two #11miles #11/11/11 #running

Mile 3, running in the park:
Mile Three #running #11/11/11 #11miles

Mile 4:
Mile Four #11miles #11/11/11 #running #chambana

Mile 5, I followed the trail that winds along a small stream:
Mile Five #11miles #11/11/11 #running #chambana

Mile 6, now I'm on the road that leads to the Middle and High Schools:
Mile Six #11/11/11 #11miles #running #chambana

Mile 7, along the back side of the Middle and High Schools. We are lucky the schools were built around several parks.
Mile Seven #11miles #11/11/11 #running

At Mile 8.5, I was tempted to just stop and get a bagel. Instead, I ate a gel pack.
Tempted to Stop after Eight and a Half Miles #11miles #11/11/11 #running #chambana

Around Mile 9, I was running along a busy street, but I saw these pretty flowers growing on the side road:
Spotted at Mile Nine #11miles #11/11/11 #running

It's Mile 10 and that bench looks inviting.
Mile Ten Bench #11miles #11/11/11 #running

I purposely finished up in the park that flanks one of the subdivision in our city. The trees, although past their prime are still pretty.
The Finish - Eleven Miles #11miles #11/11/11 #running

I treated myself to a nice pumpkin pie latte - a nice warm way to finish up my run.
Post Run Treat

And here's the entire route, courtesy of RunKeeper. The gray dots represent where I paused the app to take the pictures above.
11 Miles on 11/11/11
I really liked the route, although I learned that I prefer running in the parks and on side streets instead of the busy main roads. I guess that's not too big of a surprise.

A post on Veteran's Day wouldn't be complete without a note of gratitude to those who have served in our Armed Forces that keep our Country free. I am truly grateful for all of our Veterans. You make it possible for me to run in the streets safely.

Sherry  – (November 11, 2011 at 1:06 PM)  

What a beautiful run! I might be tempted to try that if I had such beautiful scenery. haha. It is a special day indeed. My Taryn is 12 today! Also very thankful for our service men and women!

tinajo  – (November 12, 2011 at 11:59 AM)  

Totally cool idea - I´m so glad you did this! :-)

deb duty  – (November 14, 2011 at 7:37 PM)  

This was such a great idea! You sure did have a beautiful run!

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