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Tuesdays are always busy at the house. I have violin lessons right after work. Erica has soccer practice. Brian has TaeKwonDo. Scott has church meetings every other week. But tonight, we have no practices, no meetings, just hanging out at home.

Because I've got the time (and nothing else ready to make for dinner), I opted for "Breakfast for Dinner" tonight. Breakfast for Dinner always sounds so easy - fry up some bacon, some sausage, sausage gravy, biscuits, potatoes, eggs, etc. So, why am I always exhausted afterward? Oh, well, we only do it once every 6 months or so and the food is always simple and good.

But today, we added a new recipe to our breakfast repertoire - crepes! Erica orders these at the local restaurant that "serves breakfast all day long" and has been asking for them. So she looked up a recipe on the Internet and set forth mixing up the batter. I managed to make 6 decent looking crepes. And they were delicious!

Erica and Brian prefer theirs plain with powdered sugar. I filled mine with ricotta cheese and jam. Oh, yummy! Sorry, no pictures of the crepes themselves, I was busy concentrating on making the crepes without mangling them.

But here is the recipe that Erica copied from the Internet and stuck on the fridge. I predict we will make more soon.

10.11.02 - Save This Recipe

Oh, you want the actual recipe, right?
3 eggs
1/4 cup melted butter
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
dash salt

Mix all the ingredients together. The batter will be thin - we used a whisk to make sure it was lump free.
Pour 1/4C or so out a thin layer on a greased griddle, a 6-9" inch circle (or oval, or general shape). I used a non-stick square griddle, but I greased it with some oil.
Once the top of the batter is dry, flip it over and cook on the other side until golden. Add filling as desired, fold and serve.

I can see I'll have to follow up with some pictures of the actual cooking. Because it really is easy to make these delicate, melt in your mouth morsels, and one shouldn't shy away from making them because it seems difficult!

Kyla  – (November 12, 2010 at 3:49 PM)  

Mmmmmm . . . sounds wonderful! I've jotted this one down and will be trying them out VERY soon! Thanks for sharing!

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