The Daily - September 11, 2023 - Monday - Embrace Life

Scott went back to work today and started a three month contracting stint. I worked out but felt sluggish throughout the bike ride I chose. All of yesterday’s walking (at least 6 miles) had me feeling lethargic. Swimming felt decent although I only had time for 20 laps. I also spent 16 minutes in the sauna.


Arrived home to shocking news - an explosion at ADM - (not so shocking) - but this was a bad one and Janice’s son Joe was injured in the blast. It has taken me two days write this as I was filled with shock then sadness and finally anger. I’ve always been wary of ADM’s manufacturing culture - based on accounts from previous employees who worked there as young engineers out of college. Feedback from tradespeople (contractors in construction, pipe fitters, electricians) was never glowing. No company is perfect, Cabot included, but everyone always preferred our company over ADM. Then there are the two other explosions / fires since April at ADM under OSHA investigation. One in April and another one in August. Red flags abound. The general public doesn’t realize the hazards abound in any processing facility. Flammables, gases, caustics, processing agents in large quantities are used. The work and more importantly, safety culture is critical to keeping all those hazards contained.


The good news is Joe’s prognosis is positive, he is a young, strong man. I worry about the mental impacts a trauma like this experience could have on him, a newly minted college graduate. I know his family is rooted in faith which will help.


Janice and walked together Sunday afternoon right before everything changed. She talked about how Joe and his girlfriend had recently adopted a kitten. Life can change in an instant - we must all embrace it fully and not take it for granted.

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