The Bloodmoon Supermoon Eclipse

Yeah, I know the Internet has exploded with photos of Sunday's Harvest moon, Super moon, Eclipse and Blood moon all rolled into one. Since this post will be published Tuesday, I am sorely late with my images since many started popping up almost in real time. For me, two days later is as fast as it gets!

I spent most of Sunday up in Chicago, enjoying a day of shopping with my daughter and with overcast skies lingering as we drove home, I wasn't expecting to see much of anything in the sky. But I caught a glimpse of a silver glow through the new bathroom window (something new, since we recently upgraded from obscure glass block to real windows) and found that the clouds had parted away to a crystal clear prairie sky. A full moon was in the sky, the center of the night's show.

Initially, I went outside to casually watch the shadow make its way across, slowly consuming the bright orb. At the request of my daughter, I tried to take a photo with my iPhone (big fail), then decided to get the DSLR out. Then I got out the tripod and spent the next hour and a half in the cul-de-sac taking photos.

The BloodMoon Phases
Photos processed in Lightroom, combined into the composite photo using Photoshop Elements

The close ups are not tack sharp, as I had exceeded the limits of available light, but these were the best I could do with my equipment. It would be nice if hubby had more experience with the telescope and I had experience taking photos through the telescope, but those are learnings for a future time.

Overall, it was a very nice way to spend an evening - under the blood red moon. I feel fortunate to have experienced it all.

Jeanne  – (September 29, 2015 at 6:58 AM)  

Lovely shots and better late than never! I tried to shoot this but had shouder surgery 3 weeks ago on my dominant arm and using my 600 mm lens was not in the cards for me. Will just have to enjoy your shots. Was an interesting thing to have the privelege to view!

Barb  – (September 29, 2015 at 3:29 PM)  

Nice composite, Shirley. I missed the Moon entirely, so I'm loving the photographs.

Nicki  – (September 29, 2015 at 9:25 PM)  

I am super impressed - I have yet to be successful in capturing or even seeing a good view of the super/blood moons. Well done.

Liz  – (September 30, 2015 at 6:30 AM)  

You did a great job Shirley! I photographed the Blood Moon this time last year and did a series of exposures. Mine weren't tack sharp either as it was so difficult with the available light.

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