Cross Country Riding

Yes, more horse photos, but with a twist - my daughter's first experience on a Cross country course. The cross country course consists of various jumping obstacles on a big expanse of land. Very different from an arena setting and, in my opinion, lots of fun to watch. I bet it is a fun ride - more free and organic for both rider and horse. It's not without its hazards - the riders don a protective vest, to protect their torso from potential contact with the ground (yes, in case they fall) and / or horse hooves (in case they fall and get kicked).

I just don't think about the "in case" part of things.

It's a bit of a free for all with the spectators, too, at least during this particular session - we all stood in the middle of the field along with the instructor, while the horses cantered past us. I suspect there's enough room for everyone, and the riders know how to control their horses, but I'm always wary when in the path of a large, one ton animal.

Cross Country Style

These riding stables have the most amazing grounds - rolling hills of green, flanked by fields of corn. Just being there was a salve on my soul.

Cross Country Style
Instead of jumping gates, they jump logs, up hills and over ditches.

Did I mention how serene and beautiful it was to watch?
In the Fields

The weather was perfect - late in the afternoon as the sun started to dip low, golden rays peeking from the clouds that kept us cool.
Cross Country Style

Some other captures with my iPhone:
Out In the Distance #barn #prairie #sky #clouds

Rural Route Address #country #wildflowers

Sighted #fieldaliens #power #sky

It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Unknown  – (August 23, 2014 at 10:48 PM)  

Beautiful riding area! My daughter has done some riding/jumping out in back 20 acre paddock but she really prefers dressage. She will jump but not her thing. We are still waiting on cooler weather - so hot here with heat advisories - can't even walk/stretch a horse in the morning without everyone sweating!

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