Last Week's iPhone Photos

For whatever reason, I haven't been shooting as much with my iPhone recently. Maybe because I want to use my DSLR now because it's new and we're still in that Honeymoon phase? Or maybe because I don't want to use Instagram much anymore...

I'm really torn on the Instagram thing. The TOS uproar back in December resulted in me scaling back what I post there. I know the reality of a "free" service is that nothing is free. I was an early adopter of Facebook, love that it reconnected me with old friends but now find it pretty annoying. I fear that IG is headed that way. I still post, but not as often and have considered deleting my account.

I am using the Flickr mobile app more now, but still prefer the IG filters (seriously, the Flickr filters are terrible) and how fast it is. Oh well, I guess the important thing is to make sure I download my mobile photos to my computer on a regular basis (I'm up to date there).

So, here are the iPhone photos I took this past week.

Happy Trails #sky #sunset
Like a Shooting Star

A mere 20 minutes later, this is what the sky had transformed to:
Evening Drama
Evening Drama

At dinner on the local college campus Thursday evening - the kids were waiting in line.
Slice of Life on Campus
Slice of College Life

That's it for this week - I hope you've had a nice Saturday.

Anonymous –   – (January 19, 2013 at 6:59 PM)  

Such drama in that it! I too was into FB for a while...went there because of a class reunion. Now, I could live without it but need to connect with photog friends and only those close. I have a twitter idea why. And don't have an Iphone yet...maybe when I'm due to renew. I will stay loyal to blogging, Tumblr, Lensblr, & maybe RedBubble (since I just sold my first photo there). Sometimes I believe we have too many choices! Happy weekend to you!!!

Sherry  – (January 20, 2013 at 6:43 AM)  

Always nice images!
I am also on the fence with Instagram - love it - but so disappointed with the TOS. Facebook was fun at first, but now I'm more of a stalker - seeing what everyone is doing; not posting much of my own life (never did post minute by minute updates as some do).

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