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I originally titled this post "Essential iPhone Camera Gear", then changed it because the word "essential" is a bit of a strong term. In truth, I find what I have to be pretty essential for me, but the gear is certainly cool and fun.

Back in October, I upgraded to the iPhone 4s, which has an awesome camera. Since then, I've been slowly acquiring bits and pieces of iPhone Camera gear. My first purchase was the Olloclip lens:
Olloclip Macro Lens
It's a three in one lens that slides over the iPhone camera lens, with macro (shown above), fisheye and wide angle views. By far, I use the macro lens the most. (But I think I need to use the other two lenses more)

Next, I bought a Glif and Joby Tripod. They work together - the Glif attaches to the iPhone and acts as a stand on its own. But I use it as a tripod mount with the Joby flexible tripod.

Olloclip, Glif and Joby

The Glif / Joby helps stabilize the iPhone when using the Ollocip macro lens - when you are really close, camera shake can be an issue.
Table Top
Notebook Detail

If I were really smart, I would have hooked up my headphones and use the volume controls on the headphone cord as a remote release. Oh wait, I gave my headphones to my son, who then left them out for the cat to chew on. Note to self - never give away the stuff that comes in the Apple box. But I digress.....

The fun thing about the tripod is how it is able to attach to non flat surfaces.
Attaches Almost Anywhere!
Wood You?

I used the same set up when I took this selfie. The tripod was wrapped around the metal fence.
Saturday Afternoon

portable - I keep all of it in my purse. What I don't love - the Glif and Olloclip are designed to fit over a naked iPhone. This requires me to take the case off and exposes the iPhone to potential drops (me and my butterfingers!). One time, I set up the tripod on the ground and the wind blew the whole thing over. Fortunately, my iPhone only sustained a superficial scratch.

So that's my "essential gear" list. And then there's all the Camera related apps... but that's another post!

What iPhone Camera Gear do you have? Any? All of the above? More?

Amy Burzese  – (May 31, 2012 at 6:43 PM)  

A great post for a camera/camera gear junkie like me. I'll probably get an iPhone when I upgrade just because of the camera and Instagram. Thanks for this!

MaggieGem  – (June 1, 2012 at 9:12 AM)  

Love the gear... I got my 4S in October because of the camera and Instagram, and I'm still loving it!

Great review and tips on the gear, I haven't gotten any gear as yet because the apps have certainly kept me busy. These items are definitely on my list of things to get next.

Denise at Autumn Sky  – (June 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM)  

I have not been interested in using camera phones or Instagram. My phone upgrade is available from Verizon and I just cannot I don't. My Samsung works well and I'm thinking the iPhone 5 may have a larger screen. I would like that little tripod for my Canon P&S.

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