P365+1 Week 12 - Spring Break At Home

It was Spring Break week and while we stayed at home, it felt like we were visiting Florida with unseasonably warm weather. You couldn't ask for a nicer week, even though I had to work. The kids got to enjoy the warm weather, although I'm not sure if they really took advantage of it. Oh, to be a teenager again....

Here's the weekly summary:
Saturday: Today's fashion statement - shorts, leg brace and freshly painted nails. I'm not able to go get a "proper" pedicure at the nail salon, but I am perfectly capable of painting my nails - I chose a deep purple for the first color of the season.
76/365+1 The Outdoor Arena Gate #fromwhereistand
Picture taken at the horse stable, where the girls enjoyed a riding lesson outside. I learned the hard way not to touch the wires around the tops of the arena fencing - yup, I got shocked. Weird feeling, for sure (and maybe that electric current through my body was good for my knee....)

Sunday: Perfect Sunday Afternoon. Who needs to go away for Spring Break with gorgeous weather right here at home? Relaxing, reading and catching some rays - perfect! I am reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. If I can't run, I may as well read about running.
77/365+1 Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Monday: Cruising With the Top Down. We took the convertible out to the ice cream place after dinner. It was perfect top down weather and my first ride in the convertible this season.
78/365+1 Cruising With the Top Down

Tuesday: Retail therapy. Erica wanted me to take her shopping, and since it's Spring Break and the first day of spring, I agreed. I mentioned the shopping trip to my Physical therapist and my comment was "the shopping is going to be painful". His response - "make sure you ice your knee when you get home". I clarified by saying "oh, my knee will be fine, but my wallet is going to feel a lot of pain". And it indeed did.
Afternoon Shopping Trip
I managed to score some great outfits, so I really can't complain....

Wednesday: Work Dinner at Silvercreek. Our site is hosting an Operations meeting this week, so there's a big dinner party for Scott and I to attend. In the past, we switched off who would attend, but since the kids are older, we both get to go. It was a perfect night for dinner out.
80/365+1 Dinner at Silvercreek
Bonus picture - the lights in the Greenhouse where our party was held. Magical....
Twinkle Twinkle #lights

Thursday: Cleared for Activity! I had my 5 week post ACL reconstruction surgery appointment with Dr. Li today - he's very pleased with my progress and cleared me to start "light running". He prefers I use the elliptical to start, so I immediately headed to the Y and gave it a whirl. First good sweat in a long time.
81/365+1 Cleared for Activity

Friday: Out for an Evening Walk. Beautiful, clear weather followed the thunderstorms that rolled through our area this afternoon - perfect for an evening walk. Bonus - I don't need my leg brace anymore. I watched the sunset over the lake at the park.
82/365+1 Out for an Evening Walk #selfie #ilovemynikon
Here's that sunset:
Calm After the Storm #sky #bif #water #chambana #sunset

A Lovely End to the week.... And I hope yours was a great one too.

Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2012 at 7:16 AM)  

Purple toes, retail therapy and a great sunset. Sounds like a perfect week to me! :-))

tinajo  – (March 25, 2012 at 4:12 AM)  

Looks like a great week - and hey, shopping is never wrong! :-D

Lisa  – (March 26, 2012 at 9:03 PM)  

I was out today and did buy three books . Now to read them. I read one put it down pick up another and so on. Lovely shots. Have a fine week.

Lisa  – (March 26, 2012 at 9:03 PM)  

and I just love the shopping photo and the last one. . Your looking wonderful .

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