P365+1 Week 5 - Progress

It was a week of progress - my knee has healed more, so I discontinued the use of crutches and my mobility has improved immensely.

On Saturday, Jill brought over some get well gifts - a card signed my the members of my soccer team, a bottle of red wine (she definitely knows my love of red wine!) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They really brightened my day, because I was feeling a little down:

28/355+1 #Flowers  From My Friends

On Sunday, I attended church and spent the rest of the day cooking. I made Chinese dumplings, something I only do once or twice a year, since the process is time consuming. But I couldn't go anywhere, and it kept me busy, active and kept my mind off my knee. The end result was delicious, too!
29/365+1 Homemade Dumplings #food

Monday evening - playing around with the Camera+ app and its self timer feature. I'm downloading photos I took of Saturday's flowers.
30/365+1 Downloading #selfie

Tuesday afternoon, before my violin lesson - I arrived early, so headed to the local park and tested out the Fisheye lens of the Olloclip.
31/365+1 Warped

Wednesday morning - a major milestone - I made a trip to the grocery store by myself. It was my first visit to the grocery store since I tore my ACL, two weeks ago. I went early in the morning when the parking lot is empty to increase my chances of getting a parking spot close to the entrance.
32/365+1 Milestone - First Trip to Grocery Store Since I Tore My ACL #food
As a bonus, most of the items I needed were on display together, making the trip easier on my knee. Some days it's the little things that make a big difference.

Thursday - I met with an orthopedic surgeon concerning the next steps with my knee.
33/365+1 Doctor's Office

When I first received the news that I had torn my ACL, the health care group that we use referred me to one of their orthopedic doctors. But the next available appointment was four weeks away and I didn't want to wait that long. I found another orthopedic doctor that is within our insurance policy's network and was given an appointment immediately. This doctor came recommended from one of my co-workers, and I feel very comfortable with him. After doing some research on him, I learned we share a bit of similar backgrounds - we both attended MIT as undergraduates. The doctor explained the details around my injury, the options for treatment (surgical and non surgical) and when I told him I wanted surgery to have my ACL reconstructed, he walked me through the entire procedure. I don't think I've ever spent so much time with a doctor before - over 30 minutes. While I don't wish surgery on anyone, for me, this is what I want. My surgery is scheduled in two weeks.

Friday afternoon -
34/365 - Some Cool Jazz #saxophone
I was practicing violin when my son got out his saxophone, plopped down his jazz band music and asked me to play with him. I know this sounds like fun, but the problem is the saxophone is a E-Flat based instrument, while the violin is a A major based instrument. This means when he plays an 'A', I would have to play a 'C' to get the same pitch. I can't transpose music quickly enough in my head, so we played a couple of the easier pieces together and still had fun.

Bonus photos
(because I tend to take more than one photo on any given day) - the weather all week long has been spring like - highs in the 60s, and cool in the evenings, which means fog in the morning:
Foggy Morning #fog
This morning, I spotted an asterisk in the sky - formed by plane contrails:
Asterisk in The #Sky #contrails

That was the week! I am bound and determined to get out for a little photo walk around the 'hood this weekend. I think my knee is up for it.
I hope you had a wonderful week and a great weekend.

thekreativelife  – (February 3, 2012 at 7:56 PM)  

Shirley . . . so glad you're doing a little better. (Wine DOES help.) The thought of surgery has to be a little scary, but it sounds like you've found a good surgeon. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. ((hugs)) Love your photos by the way. That fisheye is fun isn't it?

Denise at Autumn Sky  – (February 3, 2012 at 8:45 PM)  

The flowers are beautiful and would brighten anyone's day. I LOVE Chinese dumplings but can imagine they are a lot of work, so I am fairly sure I will never make them:-)

Anonymous –   – (February 4, 2012 at 1:14 AM)  

Contrails can be so much fun. Some days it's hard to even attempt to count them all. Glad to hear the knee is making progress and the crutches are hopefully behind you for now.

MAM  – (February 4, 2012 at 6:29 AM)  

Shirley I'm thinking about you and good luck with surgery. I talked to Mitch some more and he passed along that you will need to be easy on yourself during recovery. While his recovery has been amazing it's still be tough for him to not expect more from himself. Just keep in mind that the full recovery process is long but there are lots of small victories along the way.

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