Random Friday Stuff and New Photo Project

It's September but it feels like the dog days of July and August outside. Triple digits the last two days - so hot that several of the area schools let out early due to the heat (the facilities with no air conditioning).

Triple Digits on Sept 1. #hothot

I am so over the heat and just want the cooler fall weather to start.

I had a craving for Diet Coke at work yesterday - I blame it on the heat.
Needed a Pick Me Up
Even the can is sweating!

I'm using the new Blogger interface for the first time. Ugg, I don't like how it wrapped the words with the images... now I need to add in the html for line break after my image code. And after each paragraph. Sheesh - isn't this supposed to be easier?

Update - I found the setting which sets the "Enter" key as the line break - under Options - so back to the way I prefer things...

My friend, Kyla, is starting a new photo project - 30 days of Sunrises and Self portraits. While I like sun rises and the light in the morning, I'm not all that fond of self portraits, but I'm going to participate the best I can.

Today's "sunrise" photo - maybe not literally the sunrise, but the morning sun illuminating the birds at the feeder.
Breakfast for the Birds

Today's self portrait, taken with my phone. Sorry about the noise. Need to find better lighting next time.
Sideways Glance

It's Labor Day weekend here in the States - once the heat breaks tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to enjoy the extra day off. I hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

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