Out in the Open Air

As much as we love having an indoor arena during the winter and rainy months, riding the horses outside is a welcome treat. At the previous lesson barn, the girls never rode outside, so this is a little new for them, too. So we’re taking it easy on the horses and the girls today – riding in a gentle trot around the outside arena, slowing down when a car or truck drives down the road.

For whatever reason, Caesar is sticking out his tongue as he goes around.
Run with Your Tongue Sticking Out horses appaloosa

The girls and horses paired up for this go around. Caesar and Cody are good buddies, so they don’t mind walking side by side as the girls chat about who-knows-what.
Paired Up horses appaloosa

Blow the whistle and reverse directions! (You all have been to a skating rink where they do that, right?)
Making the Turn horses appaloosa

This one was taken towards the end of their ride – either the sun or the wind was starting to bother her.
Head On horses appaloosa

If the pictures all “look the same”, it’s because I shot them all from the same vantage point - sitting inside my car. Cody doesn’t like my big honking camera and lens pointed at him, so I have to shoot in “stealth” mode. I figure any capture is better than no capture!

Laura lok  – (May 24, 2011 at 12:04 AM)  

love that shot with the tongue hanging out tooo cute

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