341/365 - Presents Under the Tree

Well, the presents have started to appear under the tree and with that, the guessing games have started.

10.12.09 - Presents Under the Tree

Brian thinks he has it all figured out:
"This one is a Wii Game - it MUST be Mario Brothers Galaxy Two - it is the most popular game this season."

I give him a blank stare. Scott bought it. I have NO IDEA what it is. It could be a DVD for all I know. Plus, I have NO IDEA about what's popular or not. I tell him as such.

He's not buying it - "Come on Mom, you are so faking it! You know that I guessed it!"

Moving on to the next box, he then declares:
"This is a T-shirt or a sweat shirt. It feels like clothes."

[He's probably right on that one...]

Moving on to the newest box under the tree (from me to Scott):
"Mom, how boring! You got Dad a BOOK! It's big, so it must be a boring book."
[Sure, if you want to think so - but you are so wrong - and it isn't a boring gift].

Lastly, he shakes the box that was delivered yesterday, whose delivery box had Lego catalog sticking out from one of the gaps in the plain brown box [you would think companies would do a better job of packing these things].

"This is my Lego Ship! I just know it!"

Um, hon, did I ever tell you about the Christmas when Auntie Michele searched and found all of her Christmas gifts? She was a little disappointed that year because there were no surprises come Christmas morning....

"Yeah, yeah, yeah - you tell us that story every year! I don't care if I'm not surprised. I can't wait for Christmas!"

And so he goes, rearranging the gifts under the tree. Over and over. Glad it keeps him occupied...

note - this is my 1000th post on this blog! I started this blog in December 2005, but only became really consistent with posting last year with my Project 365. Thanks for visiting!

McKay Family  – (December 10, 2010 at 9:53 PM)  

Cute...this is what I have to look forward to! For now Amelia is content to just rearrange...she only seems to care if they are for her rather than what's in them!

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