Wednesday Morning - Car Wash and Sunlit Repetition

I originally planned to post pictures from this morning's trip to the car wash. It was my third trip, as my previous two trips had been aborted due to the money takers not accepting credit cards or $20 bills. As the trite saying goes, the 3rd time was the charm - I had the suitable monetary denomination and as a result, the car was [somewhat] cleaned of the salt and grime of winter.

And after writing that paragraph, I have decided to post pictures of the car wash because I expended all that energy writing.
Car Wash Spray

Car Wash Rinse

Car Wash Part 3

And today's other photographic contribution - the vertical blinds in my office, just as I arrived to work. As my office really doesn't get direct sunlight (situated in a recessed corner of the oddly shaped building), I am always amazed when I see sunlight filtering through the blinds. Turns out the sun was coming through a window in the main entrance foyer, then through the front door, and into my window. The repetition caught my eye, so I took a picture. (Yes, I take my camera with me to work every day - you never know when you might need it)

Sunlit Repetition

thekreativelife  – (February 11, 2010 at 2:01 PM)  

I REALLY love these photos! What a great series! And sunlight is ALWAYS a welcome thing around here, too. Lately we've not been getting enough Vitamin D. ;)

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