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I must be on a roll, because this is my third blog entry in a row.

I got a pedicure today - it was my 2nd pedicure ever - the first one was about three years ago. I'm not that big on these sorts of things that I consider to be non-essential to my existence, but I'd say once every three years is OK.

The best thing about the pedicure? I splurged an extra $5 to have little flowers painted on my big toes. This seems to be the big trend in pedicures - most of the others getting their feet done at the nail place chose the flower adornment for their big toes. I had noticed my neighbor's toes sporting cute little flowers all summer long. Every nail technician creates a different flower design. So this was the "little thing" that made me happy today.

The other "little thing" was finding these Rescue Scouring Pads for my sister at the grocery store:

A remnant from our childhood, my mother used these sponges to clean the pots and pans. Teresa is very disappointed that the brand is being discontinued and has recruited me to find every last package and ship them to her. I wasn't successful until today (I had checked several other stores prior to the grocery store next to the nail place). I found 6 packages for her and, yes, they were on clearance - a discounted price of $0.99, but they rang up for $0.59 / pack.

Last random thought - remember my comment about the women's beach volleyball uniforms? Apparently, I'm not the only one who wonders why they are in bikini's and the men are wearing tank tops - this article, titled "The Great Bikini Debate - The Olympic men's beach volleyball teams are showing less skin than their female counterparts" was featured in Yahoo! this afternoon, which I now quote from:

2004 Olympic bronze medalist Holly McPeak digs up an answer to the question: Why do the men wear shirts while women compete in bikinis?
  • "Women choose to wear a two piece bathing suit because it is the least restrictive uniform possible."
  • "Not only are you battling the heat of the sun, but you are diving around in the sand."
  • "Imagine the feel of sand inside your clothes combined with sweat. I can't think of anything worse."
  • "I prefer to see the men play without shirts. When male players train they traditionally choose to wear a longer boardshort to their knees."
  • "But the governing international body for the sport prefers a cleaner look with their country, names and numbers on their shirts."

Hey, I can agree with McPeak on point number 4 - I, too, would prefer to watch men play without shirts....

Sherry  – (August 14, 2008 at 9:05 AM)  

What? No photo of your little piggies all blinged out? =D You didn't get the "fish" pedicure, did you (See SS for full story) LOL It is cool to notice the little things. TFS =]

Martha  – (August 16, 2008 at 8:17 AM)  

I had my first pedicure a few months ago...after almost 43 years. Have you done the hot stone massage with it? That alone was worth the price of admission.

Must say that the volleyball ladies have inspired me to make it to the gym 3 times this past week. I'll never look like them, but hey, we all need some sort of inspiration right?

don't you love how you can google just about any question out there?

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