Museum of Science Field Trip

As we head into the final stretch for school, it seems there are more special activities for the kids.

Like Class field trips - For Erica, "The Big One" - a trip to Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, with her 5th grade class. As usual, parents were invited to chaperone the students, and this time I signed up (it is, after all, Erica's LAST field trip in elementary school, and I have NEVER attended a field trip with her). The students took a charter bus, and the parents were given the choice to ride the bus or drive separately with other parents. After some consideration, I decided to drive (nothing like spending 2+ hours in close quarters with 5th graders). I drove two other parents, and it was a good thing they were in the car with me, as the driving instructions we were given were wrong. (We were instructed to get off the Dan Ryan expressway at the 51st St. Exit - but said exit no longer exists!).

The last time I visited the Museum of Science and Industry was in 1986, as part of a winter tour I took in college. At that time, I recall not being overly impressed. Things have certainly changed, as the museum was huge and well appointed with interactive exhibits.
The highlight of the visit - the U-505 submarine exhibit. The exhibit walks you through the capture of the German U boat in 1944 during WWII.

Erica really liked the newborn chicks in the Hatchery.

On the steps of the Museum with her friends.

We'll have to go back during the summer and bring the rest of the family.

Sherry  – (May 20, 2008 at 1:14 PM)  

Ah, the lovely Dan Ryan Expressway. NOT. LOL I love that museum. Cool that you got to go with your daughter!

shirley  – (May 20, 2008 at 6:44 PM)  

Her class has 24 kids and 19 parents signed up to go as chaperones.
So I was only responsible for my daughter! It was great.

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