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OK, I didn't get to watch all of AI last night, and we are AI junkies. So we are watching tonight, from the beginning. And I will be blogging it!

Here we go:
Patrick - don't like the song. I don't care for Melissa Etheridge's version either. He seems a bit stiff and nervous. Not too impressed.....

David - Not too bad - an upbeat song (Crazy Little Thing Called Love). But it seems a little forced. Generally speaking, I liked it, but he needs to be a little smoother, like Harry Connick Jr. Time for critique - Randy was a bit harsh, and there's this weird thing going on with the females - the girls are acting stupid by yapping like dogs?? What's up with that?

Time for commercials, which means I'll have to switch the channel so that Erica doesn't get exposed to some of Fox's more questionable programming....

Bucky - OK, I will first say that I am not a country person. While Bo Bice was a rocker, he could really sing, and I am not too sure about this guy. A little bit too edgy for me. Simple Kind of Man - don't know the song and I can say it is not my style. The judges' opinions..... Randy is right - a little too hard. "Stretching?". Oh - Simon just gave a dig to Constantine with his comment about "so called rockers who in reality had been playing weddings". Another thing - I seriously cannot understand anything he says - the twang is just a little too much (for me).

Commercial break - a trailer for 8 Below, a movie that Erica really wants to see. Oh, and that cool iPod commercial with Miles Davis - makes me want to get some Miles Davis tunes....

Will is next - Now, do any of you think he looks like Fred Savage? I personally think he is pretty cute, and Paula is right - the high school girls will love him. Don't know why he picked a Jackson 5 song though. The singing was OK, but it was upbeat and entertaining and he is likeable.

"Sway" - I felt for him during the Hollywood week because he had to endure those Britton twins. Now, the song he is singing is a bit over the top - what a tough song. He is sharp and the falsetto is just not really my thing. I think he did get better as the song progressed, but Brian made a comment that he thought he was terrible. I think that Randy and Paula were a little too gushy - it wasn't that good. And as usual, Simon's comments are a bit more realistic. Brian's quote - "I agree with Simon".

Chris - he is singing Dead or Alive, and we get to see flames behind him. Note - this is the first time a singer has impressed me enough to actually look at the TV. Now, I am not a Bon Jovi fan, but he isn't too bad. Not too much edge in his voice, and he is in tune. Erica likes him as well and is writing down his call in number. Randy thought he was hot - I think those flames inspired those comments. Now for Simon.... he liked him as well!

More commercials.....half way there.....

Kevin - another 16 year old, the one who Simon claims that the over 60 crowd would love him. He is singing One Last Cry, with bubbles backing him. He is pleasant to listen to, less pleasant to watch, but overall a Fair performance.

Time out while I put the kids to bed. Will probably miss one or two contestants, but hey, we're too cheap to pay for TiVo, so those are the breaks.

Gedeon - the smiling fool who really didn't get much TV coverage during the audition episodes. I didn't catch a lot of his performance due to the mommy duties of holding Erica's hair while she is watching her face. But Scott was watching and said - hey, he's pretty good. I was amazed how he sounded just like the original artist.

Elliot - another poor soul who had to endure the Britton twins is singing a great Stevie Wonder song, smooth and in tune. I really liked it. And it seems like the judges agreed.

I don't know the next guy's name yet, but as soon as he said he was singing a Barry Manilow song, I cringed. Who voluntarily picks a Barry Manilow song?? I am not impressed. Oh, his name is Bobby - another guy with little advanced coverage. He is out of tune. Paula is now saying that he has great entertainment value, but I am not seeing it. Simon said "that was a complete nightmare".

Erica, being 8 and very aware of all that TV throws at her is now asking us "what does Text message mean?". Scott is explaining it to her, and I can already see the gears working in her head, thinking, "wow - that's cool and another reason why I need a cell phone". Yes, she has been asking about them. I don't even have one, I tell her. How appropriate that there is a Razr commercial on.

Ace - now he is a good looking guy, and has a great commercial name. He has chosen Father Figure from George Michael - now that brings back memories - I love this song. And I am LOVING this performance. Teresa will LOVE it as well. This guy can play the camera, too - in a more subtle way than Constantine. Paula is in love. This guy is a star.

The last guy is one of my favorites, Taylor Hicks, who sounds like Joe Cocker and I can't wait to hear what he will sing. Levon - another great song, and while it wasn't the best vocal, it was still good enough for me. Randy is right - Taylor is very original and I hope he is able to go on.

Predictions for who goes home? I prediect Sway, Patrick, or Bobby. Certainly Bobby. Maybe even Kevin. Stay tuned to tomorrow.

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